Areas of Expertise

Generation Strategies provides land owners, farmers, ranchers and agribusinesses a comprehensive financial planning process to keep the farm and ranch in the family. We understand the struggles between fair and equal and have pioneered unique concepts in the areas of Asset Distribution, Shifting, Freezing, Equalization and Protection. We believe farm and ranch succession of the family farm and ranch is vital to the American economy and food safety and we want to help keep family farms and ranches viable for generations to come.

Asset Protection

There are numerous financial strategies that can help you accumulate assets for the future, shield your farm and ranch, and personal assets from liabilities, and safeguard asset transfer to children and grandchildren. We can help you figure out what the right course of action is for your specific situation and objectives.

Estate Planning

A well-engineered estate conservation plan can minimize the tax liability of your farm and ranch, and ensure that your loved ones are protected. We will work with you and your other advisors to assess the impact of state and federal taxes on your estate and suggest strategies to help minimize those taxes while meeting your personal philosophies and family needs.

Succession Planning

Succession planning allows farm and ranch owners to transfer ownership to family members, key employees, an outside party, or even a charity. This must be done in a way that achieves personal financial security, maintains harmony, and achieves maximum value for the farm.


Buy-Sell Agreements

Never put kids in business together without giving them a way out. A buy–sell agreement is a legally binding agreement between co-owners of a farm and ranch that governs the situation if a co-owner dies or leaves the farm and ranch, whether by force or by choice. A funded cross-purchase buy-sell plan utilizes life insurance to ensure that the arrangement is properly funded so that there will be money when the event is triggered.

Financial Planning

We provide personalized financial planning to our clients that is specific to several variables including their income, risk tolerance, values, and family. We work with each client to identify and prioritize their goals, explore options, establish effective strategies, construct and execute a plan, and assess the performance of the plan and make adjustments as needed.

Charitable Planning

Charitable planning allows you to support the organizations and causes that matter to you, while providing immediate income streams and reducing your tax burden. Numerous charitable giving strategies exist, and we can help you design and execute a charitable giving plan that is in alignment with your personal and philanthropic goals.

Key Person Considerations

Key person life insurance offers a death benefit that indemnifies a farm and ranch owner for the loss of a key person. This can help assure continuity of the farm and protect against losses in sales, momentum, and credit. It can also be used to recruit and develop a replacement for the key person.

Every farm and ranch has one key employee who makes the necessary decisions or has a skill that’s hard to replicate. Losing a key employee to another employer, disability or death could be detrimental to the operation, productivity, momentum or credit. Planning for those events is vital to minimize disruption.

Long Term Care

To execute a sound retirement strategy, asset and income protection are a must. Designing a plan that encompasses long term care insurance and disability insurance can create the necessary balance to ensure stability and protection of your best assets - cash and land.

Wealth Management

We work with our clients to design and implement a variety of accumulation and retirement income plans, offering insurance products, investment programs ranging from separately managed portfolios of stocks and bonds to mutual funds, and access to third-party wealth management programs. We offer a consistent process to ensure management of investment assets according to your risk tolerances and expected returns investment goals. We then monitor your plan on a continual basis, and adjust and evolve as your needs change.

Investment Management

Managing your wealth requires a clear understanding of your overall investment objectives. Through Eagle Strategies LLC, our comprehensive investment advisory capabilities utilize a disciplined investment approach that looks beyond traditional asset allocation, while addressing important factors such as risk tolerance levels and investment time horizons.