How We Charge For Our Services

Our Fee Based Arrangement

Non-Biased Recommendations

- Planning based on your situation

- We work to understand where you are now and get your planning documents to match up with where you want to be.

- We listen to your plans and concerns, and develop a custom plan to help you crystalize your goals and objectives.


Analyze financial strategies to a plan to meet your needs in the areas of

  • - Income Security
  • - Estate Conservation
  • - Asset Shifting
  • - Asset Distribution
  • - Business Succession
  • - Charitable Planning

The Product Follows the Plan

You’ve chosen us to design your plan, and we’ve made recommendations about goals and products to make the plan work better. Plan implementation is the next crucial step. Where you source products is your choice, but in complex situations, we believe there are fundamental benefits of having a seamless coordination between plan design and plan implementation.

Safety - Thoroughly evaluate the best products to facilitate the plan proposals from the most financially stable carriers.

Flexibility - Simultaneously and carefully oversee the process and review and propose supporting products as needed.

Confidential - Financial information, family history and planning documents are needed to do business with financial companies. Working with a single source can reduce data breach concerns.

Due Diligence - Trained and experience guidance to review liquidity needs and funding options while also considering tax consequences and the probability of success.

Peace of Mind - Follow through on the intentions of the deceased according to documents and advise about asset positioning to save future estate and settlement costs.

Collaborative Relationship - Value the roles of other advisors and work as a team bolstered by the planning expertise of multiple professionals with diverse backgrounds.

Proactive - Advise on possible repositioning assets to reduce future liabilities and to ensure that funds are meeting objectives when a liquidity need occurs.

True continuity is best achieved when the planning advisor helps source the products during a plan implementation.